The Keg Punk Dashboard is a Microsoft Excel workbook that helps you improve draft beer management by analyzing Keg Punk data.


Get a Data-Driven Overview of What You Serve
    Answer questions like:

  •     Are my beers high or low ABV on average?
  •     What styles do I serve most?



View Cellar Quantities Over Time

  •     View the number of batches added to the cellar by month and year
  •     View the number of gallons added to the cellar by month and year



Get An Accurate Timeline of How Kegs Move Through the Brewery
    Answer questions like:

  •     How many days on average does a keg spend on tap before it's emptied?
  •     How many days is it from brew day to when a keg is emptied?
  •     How many days after the beer is kegged until the keg gets put on tap?
  •     What's the average time the beer spends in the keg before it's consumed?



How Does The Dashboard Work?

  •     Transfer the Log file from Keg Punk to a PC
  •     Open the Excel workbook
  •     Click "Import" and select the Log file
  •     View the Dashboard and printable Dashboard pages
  •     Use the "Year" slicer to narrow down the data


Data Visuals:

  •     %ABV Ranges
  •     Styles Distribution
  •     Keg Usage by Type
  •     Batches Input per Month
  •     Gallons Input per Month
  •     Average Days From On Tap to Empty, Per Keg, By Beer
  •     Keg Life Cycle

Keg Punk Dashboard

  • .xlsm (Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Worksheet)

  • For PC only, not compatible with Mac or Google Sheets

    For use with Log.csv files from Keg Punk 2.0 or later