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What Is Danger Shed?

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Danger Shed – an odd name for a home brewery. But for three Army buddies, it’s more than a silly name…it’s a passion project currently being brought to life in a backyard on the outskirts of New Orleans. Danger Shed is about using our creativity, ingenuity, and maybe a little reckless abandonment to brew great beer and mead. Time to meet the team….

Philip makes the mead. And is also the gracious host to the shed that is Danger Shed. Philip has been making craft mead for several years, experimenting with different techniques and ingredients. He favors locally sourced honey, and that’s awesome because we have some hard working bees down here in the bayou.


Patrick brews the beer. With five-ish years of homebrewing, a short residency in a local New Orleans brewery, and founder of Arithmech, Patrick’s motivations for the Danger Shed mission range from software testing to slingin’ homemade beer for a backyard party. Patrick will be brewing the beer and taking the opportunity to test and develop brewing software he and John are currently cooking up.


John keeps things dangerous. During the shed’s construction John almost lost a finger after gracefully falling hand-first on a sharp piece of sheet metal (good thing all three of us are 68 Whiskey’s). One ride to the hospital and eight stitches later all three of us agreed “Danger Shed” was an appropriate name for our project. Thanks for taking one for the team! John also has a hand (or most of one) in the software development and will be assisting Patrick and Philip with brewing.


Welcome to Danger Shed.

Brew Dangerously

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