Using Keg Punk

Now that you've got Keg Punk installed (or you're up and running with on the Taproom Station) start using it! Check out the post below or jump to a specific section.


First things first…Head over to the OPTIONS tab and set it up like you want.


Activate the “Reset” button by clicking both DEFCON checkboxes.

This resets ALL saved data…so no messin’ around.

After you set up your stuff, head to the CELLAR tab.



The CELLAR tab is where you add things to your inventory. Each entry is saved as a

“Batch” (Beer name + Brew Date). If you don’t know the brew date, make it the same as the input date.

5 batches have been added to the cellar


If you select “Brite” as the Tank Type:

  • - Quantity will be automatically set to 1.

  • - Brite Volume will become available for entry.

  • - Enter the volume you put into the tank, not the volume of the tank itself.

NOTE: Keg Punk makes a distinction between “Beer” and “Batch”. Think of Beer as the recipe, and Batch as an iteration of that recipe. For example, a Beer is Budweiser, and a Batch is 10 kegs of Budweiser.

Things You Cannot Do:

  • Give an entry the same Beer name and Brew Date as another entry.


Made a mistake? Click on any batch in the Cellar listbox and then click DELETE.

(Note – If there is a keg from this batch on tap, it will be removed from the On Tap list and from the Tap section.)


Not all kegs are used up through the taproom drafts. You may sell whole kegs, distribute them, or give them away. Allocation allows you to track these other avenues of “emptying” a keg.

  • Click a batch in the Cellar listbox.

  • Click “Allocate”.

  • In the pop-up, select how many kegs you are allocating.

  • Select where you are allocating them to.

  • Click “Save”.

Things You Cannot Do:

  • You cannot allocate brite tanks…because that makes no sense.

example: You have two Half-BBL kegs of a beer and want to distribute one or both of them

Once a batch is saved to the cellar, you can flip over to the TAPROOM tab.



The TAPROOM tab is your home screen. It gives you a quick, interactive view of your taps and cellar.

There's beer in the cellar but nothing on tap!


  • Click any batch in the CELLAR listbox.

  • Click on an EMPTY tap square.

Notice – The "Qnt" value in the CELLAR listbox will decrease by 1 and the beer will

now show in the ON TAP listbox with how many kegs are left in the Cellar.

Things You Cannot Do:

  • Put kegs/tanks from the same batch on multiple taps simultaneously.

Beers are on tap and everything is lookin' good!
Clicking a tap will temporarily lock the others and enable the menu buttons


Use RETURN to put something back into the cellar.

This might be if you accidentally added something to a tap,

or you decide to change out the beer that’s on a tap.

  • Click an occupied tap button

  • Click RETURN

Notice – The beer will be taken off the ON TAP list, the tap will be cleared,

and cellar quantity will be adjusted.


For when a keg or tank gets drank all up.

  • Click the occupied tap that just blew.

  • Click EMPTY

Marking a tap as empty saves the empty keg or tank to the Report.

Once a tap is marked empty, it will clear and is now ready for you add something else.


If you clicked a tap and didn’t mean to, click CANCEL to lose focus.



The Reports tab sums everything up for you. It gives you quick current statistics for what’s on tap and in the cellar, and it gives you historical statistics on what you’ve gone through and allocated.



Go to our HELP post for problems and FAQ's


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Cheers Y'all!

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