Upgrade From Homebrewer to Pro

If you're running Keg Punk Homebrewer and want the added functionality of Pro, follow the steps below.

Pro features not available in the Homebrewer edition:

  • Allocate kegs to outlets such as donation, distribution, and others.

  • View summary reports for all of your taproom, allocation, and cellar data. Narrow in on critical data by adjusting the report settings. Create daily reports for a specific date with the click of a button.

Go to the Options tab and back-up your data

After backing up, click Upgrade To Pro

Confirm that you have backed up your data

Next, you will get an upgrade code. Write this code down or paste it into a text file. Read the instructions then click "Yes". This will close Keg Punk and direct you to the Keg Punk Pro page.

Click "Buy Now"

In the check out page, enter your code into the Promo Code text box. This will discount the price of Keg Punk Pro. Complete the purchase process.

Once purchased, click download on the Order Summary page or your email inbox.

Save the installer zip folder to a destination on your computer

Open the zip folder and run the Installer

Install Keg Punk Pro

Once installed, run Keg Punk. Your data should be there, but if not, Import your back-up data.

You'll see a new Reports tab

And a new icon for Allocation in the Cellar tab



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