First Time Turning on Keg Punk Taproom Station

We strongly recommend powering up and testing your Taproom Station before you go bolting it to a wall, the back bar, or your kegerator.


The main screen is a Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen housed in a SmartiPi case and stand.

On the backside of the station are USB and Ethernet inputs for the Raspberry Pi, the cooling fan housing, and a USB-C power cord that powers the screen and computer.

Note: You can plug in a USB mouse and/or keyboard if you prefer that in addition to the touchscreen.

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Step 1

Plug in the power cable to a standard outlet.

Step 2

The power cable has a removable PiSwitch on the other end. Make sure the PiSwitch is set to OFF (the red light will not be illuminated). Plug the PiSwitch into the power cable on the back of the station and click the button to power up (the red light will illuminate).

NOTE: Raspberry Pi's do not have a built in ON/OFF switch. They power up when plugged in, and power down completely when unplugged. NEVER power down your station without shutting down the Raspberry Pi first...Click HERE or keep reading to see how to shut down.

After clicking the PiSwitch to ON, The Taproom Station should boot and you should see the "Keg Punk" logo on the desktop.

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Step 3

Double tap the Keg Punk short-cut in the upper left corner of the desktop.

Step 4

Keg Punk should load to the TAPROOM tab. Head to the OPTIONS tab to set things up like you want, then exit Keg Punk by tapping QUIT.

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NOTE: While Keg Punk does not need internet to function, connecting your station to wifi (or hardwire to the ethernet port) might be handy if updates are sent or you need to reference other Keg Punk support pages.

Step 5

The Wifi logo is in the upper right of the desktop.

Select your network and connect

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NOTE: NEVER power down your station without shutting down the Raspberry Pi first!

Step 6

Go to the OPTIONS tab and click QUIT to close Keg Punk.

Step 7

Click the Raspberry Pi logo in the top left of the desktop to open the Main Menu. Click LOGOUT.

Step 8


Step 9

Wait about 10 seconds for the Raspberry Pi to shut down.

Step 10

Click the PiSwitch to OFF (the red light will go out)

It's now safe to unplug the Taproom Station and move it to it's permanent spot! Check out THIS post for tips on how to mount the station.

After you have it mounted, check out Using Keg Punk for a quick tutorial.

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