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Our Site is Now More Accessible Than Ever!

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Thanks to a new help guide published by Wix, our website is now more accessible than ever for those with disabilities! We spent some time combing through the site improving little things here and there to make for a more accessible site.

Here are some ways we improved our site:

  • Heading structure - Our page headings and text blocks were all messed up and would not have worked well for assistive technologies. Now all text is organized in a way that technologies can easily navigate between elements.

  • Photo Alt Text - Photos embedded in the website are now inscribed with Alt Text for easy reading and recognition. We will begin integrating Alt Text into all of our blog post media as well.

  • Color Contrast - In order to maintain at least a 4.5:1 contrast ratio, we changed up some background colors and text colors to make for easy reading.

  • Font and Text Size - We did away with any crazy fonts and increased the text size.

Our site is constantly being worked on and improved. If you have any recommendations or requests for making our website more accessible please contact us and we'll make it our first priority! We want everyone to have an easy time seeing what Arithmech is all about!

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