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New Keg Punk Features Coming Soon

Updated: May 31, 2022

A new update for Keg Punk is coming soon and it's loaded up with new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Once the update is released, we'll send out a notification so you can get all the cool new stuff.

Here's what's new:









You can now build your team! Team member names are used for signing audits. More on that below!

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The new Audit function allows you to manually confirm or adjust cellar quantities for each batch. You can adjust the quantities up or down and give a reason for the adjustment. Once you confirm and save, any changes will be reflected in the Cellar inventory list.

You could do this once a day, once a week, or any schedule that suites your brewery.

If you want to go back and look at a past audit, simply click any row in the Audits list to view details.

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audits Analysis

On the Reports tab, you'll find a new Audits Analysis. This report helps you analyze audits you and your team have done. You can look at the data by year/month and view results by # of Kegs, Gallons, or Barrels.

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COLOR Analysis

On the Reports tab, you'll find a new Color Analysis. This chart looks at the colors of beer you have emptied through taproom draft (allocated kegs to distribution and other destinations are not included). You can view the data by # of Tanks, volume in Gallons, or Barrels. Below, you can see the volume in gallons for each color of beer the brewery has gone through

If you select "Show Rate", you'll see something like this (see below). The green line shows the rate in average gallons per day that each color of beer moves through taproom draft. The higher the rate, the faster a beer of that color goes from "On Tap" to "Empty".

This is a helpful tool. For example, look at the far right column. This brewery has brewed 36 gallons of this color beer (high compared to others), but has a very low rate. Whereas the farthest left column has a low volume and a high rate. Maybe the brewery could brew more of this color because it appears to move quickly.

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volume out Analysis

We've made some improvements to the Volume Out analysis. It now shows all routes rather than strictly Taproom Draft. This image shows the month total of all routes. By toggling the "Total By" option, you can see volumes by route (see second image below). You can also see the year total in the bottom right hand corner.

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pricing Analysis

On the Reports tab, you'll find a new Pricing Analysis. This report helps you visualize how your pricing structure is working out. You can look at prices by each serving size, and toggle to price/oz. (as seen below).

On the bottom is a second chart that shows dollars per ounce by %ABV. Theoretically, higher ABV beers should cost more because they take more ingredients to make than a lower ABV beer. You can use this chart to see if you are pricing your higher ABV beers accordingly.

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