Mounting the Taproom Station

Updated: Apr 15

Note: There are three ways to mount the Taproom Station:

  • Regular - If you will be looking straight at or up at the screen.

  • Inverted - If you will be looking down at the screen.

  • Standing - If you do not want to mount on a wall.

Depending on how you mount it, you may need to Invert Screen on Keg Punk Taproom Station.

The steps below are for mounting the station Regular:


Step 1

Place the base plate where you will mount the station and level. If you are mounting the station Regular, the hinges should be at the bottom.

Step 2

Use a drill bit to mark the holes, then drill holes. The best bit size for the provided mounting screws is 3/32.

Step 3

Use the provided screws to mount the base plate (depending on your surface). You will need a small phillips head screwdriver.

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Step 4

Put the hinges of the baseplate and screen assembly together.

Step 5

Screw in the bolt with one finger holding the nut. Do for both sides but do not tighten yet.

Step 6

Attach the provided PiSwitch to the screen power cord, then plug in to the main power cord.

Hide the PiSwitch and cable behind the assembly, then tighten the hinge bolts.

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Step 7

Click the ON/OFF button on the PiSwitch to power up the Taproom Station.

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Mount Inverted

If you want to mount the station inverted so you will be looking down at it, follow the above procedure, except – When mounting the base plate, the hinges should be at the top as seen below.

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If you don't want to mount the station on a wall or kegerator, just put it on top!

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