Install Pre-Loaded Keg Punk SD Card on Raspberry Pi

Updated: Nov 16

Keg Punk for Raspberry Pi has been deprecated in favor of Keg Punk for Windows (coming soon)

If you purchased a pre-loaded SD card with Keg Punk, follow the steps below to get it installed on your Pi!

NOTE: The images below show installation on a Raspberry Pi 4.


NOTE: The SD card is pre-loaded with Raspberry Pi OS. Keg Punk is installed and configured.

Step 1

Shut down your Raspberry Pi and remove the old SD card (if applicable).

Step 2

Remove the new, pre-loaded SD card from the bag.

Step 3

Insert the new, pre-loaded SD card into the Pi.

(Back view) The SD card label should be facing away from the Pi.

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NOTE: Keg Punk was designed to run best on a 7” touchscreen but will work fine on most standard screens and monitors.

Step 4

Connect power, screen/monitor, mouse, and keyboard (if not using touchscreen).

Step 5

When the Raspberry Pi boots up, you should see the “Keg Punk” logo on the desktop and a “Keg Punk” short-cut icon in the upper left. Double click the short-cut to run.

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NOTE: Keg Punk comes pre-set to fit a 7” touchscreen. Simply change the Screen Size option if you are using a standard screen. Check out THIS post to invert (rotate 180°) a touchscreen running on a Raspberry Pi.

Keg Punk will likely open in full screen mode and look like the image below. This is because it comes pre-set to fit on a 7” touchscreen.

Step 6

(Disregard this step if using a 7” touchscreen) Configure the screen size by going to the OPTIONS tab. In the Screen Size drop down, select “Desktop” if using a standard screen. You will be prompted to Quit and restart Keg Punk for the changes to take effect.

Once you restart, Keg Punk should open in Desktop mode.

Now that you’re ready to Rock ‘n Roll, check out the Using Keg Punk post to get started!

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