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Updated: Nov 16

Keg Punk for Raspberry Pi has been deprecated in favor of Keg Punk for Windows (coming soon)

If you're here, you're having some kind of problem with Keg Punk. Below are links to other helpful posts and a few things to check and try to fix your problem.



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Nothing happens when I try to run Keg Punk!

Things to check:


Keg Punk relies on files and folders being in very specific locations. If you followed the install instructions to the "T", then you should be good. But if you misplaced files or folders, or you moved them around or deleted them, then there's your problem.

- Arithmech folder is in the /home/pi folder

- KegPunk (all one word) folder is in the Arithmech folder

- In the KegPunk folder, there should be two critical folders...

  • img

  • Inventory

- In the KegPunk folder, there should be 6 files and 2 image files:

  • History.csv


  • Options.csv


  • Styles.csv


  • Half-BBL.png

  • HalfBBL.ico

- "Keg Punk" short-cut is in Desktop (i.e, /home/pi/Desktop)

Missing Modules

Keg Punk is written in Python and (since it is not compiled like a Windows .exe application) needs supporting modules to run.

Ensure that you have all the needed modules by opening a terminal and running the following:

sudo apt -get install python3-pil.imagetk

pip3 install tkcalendar

pip3 install pandas

sudo apt-get install libatlas-base-dev

The last line gets a modules needed to run pandas and numpy. If you have installed this and Keg Punk will not run, try the following in the terminal:

pip3 uninstall numpy

apt install python3-numpy

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The program doesn't fit on the screen or it looks weird!

Keg Punk was designed to run on the 7" Touchscreen, but will work fine on a standard screen or monitor.

Keg Punk has two options for screen size:

  • Desktop

  • 7" Touchscreen

Things to try:

If you are using anything bigger than a 7" screen, go to the OPTIONS tab and set the Screen Size to Desktop.

Desktop mode sets the interface dimensions to 800 x 480 and is not resizable. The 7" Touchscreen mode is specifically designed to fit on the Taproom Package screen and will fill the entire screen.

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