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Keg Punk FAQ's

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Purchase, Download, & Installation





Purchase, Download, & Installation

Where can I purchase Keg Punk?

Keg Punk can be purchased from the Microsoft Store.

You can access the product page in multiple ways:

Is Keg Punk subscription based?

No. Keg Punk is purchased with a one-time payment.



What are the system requirements?

  • Available on PC

  • OS: Windows 10 version 17763.0 or higher

  • Architecture: X64

Does Keg Punk run on tablets?

Yes! Keg Punk runs on tablets, desktops and laptops running Windows and Windows in S Mode.

Is there a mobile phone app?

No. Keg Punk does not run on mobile phones.

Do I need a keyboard and mouse to use Keg Punk?

If you are using a touchscreen monitor, then you do not need a keyboard or mouse. Keg Punk gives you the option to switch between "Keyboard" and "On Screen Keyboard" for input. ​

While you can do everything through touch, it may be easier to input longer text strings (like beer descriptions) using a keyboard.



How many taps can I have?

You can have up to 30 taps.​

What types of kegs can I input?​​

  • 5 gal (corny)

  • Sixtel

  • Quarter-barrel

  • Half-barrel

  • Brite tank​ (any size)

What serving sizes can I have?

  • 4 oz. / 5 oz. / 8 oz. / 10 oz. / 12 oz. / 16 oz. / 20 oz.​

  • Pitcher

  • Crowler

  • Growler

Can I assign prices to each serving size?

Yes. Assign prices to any serving size you plan to have available.​ You can also set default values for size and price.

What info can I display on the tap list screen?

  • Brewery name, and the name of the list (example - "On Tap", "Draft List", "Draft Beer", …)​

  • Beer name

  • Keg image with or without beer color

  • Style

  • ABV

  • Serving size/price

  • Description​​

What if I keg a batch into multiple types of kegs?

When you add a new batch, you'll have the option to select the types of kegs you've used and how many of each. Each type of keg you select will create it's own unique sub-batch in the cellar. Learn how to add a new batch here.

What if I don't keg the entire batch all at once?

If you keg in stages (i.e. - some one day, some on another), you can create new sub-batches as you keg. Learn how here.



Does it track individual keg volumes?

No. Keg Punk does not connect to any sensors.​

Can I link multiple Keg Punk stations together?​​

No.​ But we're working on it.

How many tap lists can I display at once?

One. You can only display the tap list on your primary screen, or a secondary screen if you have one connected.

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keg punk help

For more help with Keg Punk, click here.


Manage your keg inventory and taproom from one place

Keg Punk helps breweries with inventory, taproom management, and analytics. It acts as a central hub for the entire team to seamlessly maintain an accurate inventory count while simultaneously generating unique analytical reports.


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