Keg Punk! Coming Soon.

Updated: Mar 19

We're dropping the professional façade and cranking up the bass - Keg Punk is about to take the stage!

Keg Punk is a great tool for any brewer - Home or Pro.



Keg Punk

Keg Punk was written and developed by brewers for brewers. Just a bare-bones cellar inventory and interactive taproom program that helps your tiny brewer brain keep track of what the hell is going in and out of the taps. Perfect for small craft breweries, homebrewers, and bars. Keep in mind, Keg Punk can currently handle a max of 10 taps.

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What's more? We've designed this bit of software to run where you need it most - within arms reach of your bartenders. The Keg Punk Taproom Package is a compact, touchscreen-based station perfect for mounting next to your taps. At a glance, brewers and bartenders can see what they have available in the cellar, what's currently on tap, and what all those craft-beer-loving hipsters have drank up.

Keg Punk comes in three variations:

  • Taproom Package - Plug 'n Play touchscreen station

  • Pre-Loaded SD Card - For you Raspberry Pi owners, just pop it in and you're set!

  • Software Only - For you Raspberry Pi owners that don't mind a little install process and want to install it on your current SD card


Keg Punk is written in Python and was designed to be run on a Raspberry Pi. In case you're a science-hating philistine and don't know what a Raspberry Pi is - here's your wake up call. Raspberry Pis are desktop computers the size of your wallet. These badass little machines thrive in harsh conditions such as breweries, bars, or your garage. So naturally, we thought they were the perfect platform for Keg Punk.


Keg Punk is a great tool for any brewer - Home or Pro.


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Cheers y'all!


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