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Updated: 4 days ago

What's up brew punks! We've got something new coming down the pipeline

and it's called Keg Punk.

Keg Punk is a simple program that helps beer slingers like yourself keep track of what's on tap, what's left in your cellar, and what you've gone through. It's a bare-bones inventory system designed for bars, breweries, and that overly extravagant home-brew kegerator you have in the garage.

Here's what you can do with Keg Punk:

  1. Add kegs (or brite tanks) of the latest batch or delivery to your cellar inventory.

  2. Interactive "Taproom" view shows your taps and what's on them.

  3. Put kegs "On Tap", return them to the cellar, or mark as "Empty".

  4. View statistics on the Reports tab. See what you have and what you've gone through.

  5. Allocate kegs to things other than draft pours (distribution, gift, waste,...).

  6. Customize the options to fit your bar, brewery, or home-brew set-up.

Taproom with 10 empty taps

Taproom with various things on tap

Add batches or deliveries to your inventory

See stats on the Reports tab

Allocate kegs to things other than draft

Customize the options to fit your set-up and brewing style

Keg Punk comes in three forms:

- Software Only (for Raspberry Pi)

- Pre-Installed SD Card (for Raspberry Pi)

- Keg Punk Taproom Package (touchscreen station for use behind the bar)

Taproom Package

While you can use Keg Punk on a desktop or laptop, it was intended to be used behind the bar on an interactive platform. That's why we designed the software around a 7" touchscreen powered by a Raspberry Pi 4. The package is all self-contained....simply mount the screen by the taps and plug it in. BAM! Now you will always know what's on tap and how many kegs are left. Track each keg you empty with the touch of a screen.


We're shooting for a limited release of Keg Punk by January 2021. It will be available as a digital download for Raspberry Pi, a Pre-Installed SD card for Raspberry Pi, and as the Taproom Package complete with software and touchscreen hardware.

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