Got a Data Related Project? Arithmech Can Help!

Updated: 4 days ago

In addition to our work on analytical brewing software and publications, Arithmech now offers services intended to help you or your business with data related projects.

Here are some of the ways we can help you:

  • Data files consolidation and data entry

  • Data analysis and reports

  • Excel user interface design and programming with VBA

  • Dashboard design and development

  • Custom software applications

No project is too small. We love helping with small business or even personal projects.

Arithmech currently contracts with great businesses such as Prime Vector where we assist in dashboard development, Excel programming, and data analysis for their clients. Our small operation allows us to be flexible and adaptable to whatever projects are directed at us. This flexibility allows us to accommodate custom requests regarding your project and what you want from it.

Here are a few specific examples of projects we have worked on:

  • Analysis of credit card transactions. Using advanced features in Microsoft Excel, we were able to give our client detailed insights into the spending habits of their employees for business related purchases. The report included consolidation of dozens of data files, creation of pivot tables and pivot charts, and interactive data analysis tools such as slicers.

  • Dashboard design. One of our ongoing projects includes assisting our client with "business analysis" specifically involving the design of dashboards. Our client provides us with basic guidelines for what they would like in the dashboard and we design a blueprint before sending it to an IT professional for functionality.

  • Advanced Conditional Formatting in Excel. Using the programming language VBA, we were able to fulfill a clients request for advanced conditional formatting on a complex Excel spreadsheet. The code dynamically changed to fit the size and content of new spreadsheets.

  • Brewing dashboard and user interface in Excel. Arithmech designed and programmed a dashboard for beer brewers in Microsoft Excel. The dashboard included user interfaces for data entry, interactive graphing capabilities, and stunning analytical graphics.

  • Custom software applications. We recently published our first stand-alone software application called Keg Punk. This software was written in-house using the programming language Python. It is a great example of how we can custom design and develop desktop applications for you or your business.

Arithmech can almost certainly handle your project remotely. This includes communications, project work, payment, and follow-up. Our goal is to exceed your expectations within a reasonable timeline. If you have data related work, please contact us! We'll respond with prompt communication and get you on your way to better insights through data analysis.


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