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Edit a Sub-Batch After Saving

If you made a mistake or need to make changes, you can edit a Sub-Batch after saving. After you've made your edits and save, you'll be given the option to apply the changes to all other Sub-Batches from the same parent batch.

1 - Select the Sub-Batch

2 - Edit

3 - Saving


1 - Select The Sub-Batch

Select the Sub-Batch from the Cellar listbox. The Edit Sub-Batch button will activate. Click to open the Edit interface.

keg inventory software
Select the Sub-Batch then click "Edit Sub-Batch"

keg inventory software
Edit Sub-Batch Interface

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2 - Edit

From here, you can make edits to some (but not all) of the sub-batch information.

Note - Only make changes to Quantity if you're correcting a mistake made when creating the batch. All other quantity changes should be handled through Audits.

Things you can't edit:

  • Beer name

  • Batch ID

  • Type of keg

keg inventory software

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3 - Saving

After clicking Save, you'll be given the option to apply the edit(s) to all of the other sub-batches from the same parent batch.

For example, if you change the ABV of sub-batch Dark Line -001(3) , you can click "Yes" to also apply the change to Dark Line -001(1) & Dark Line -001(2).

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keg punk help

For more help with Keg Punk, click here.


Manage your keg inventory and taproom from one place

Keg Punk helps breweries with inventory, taproom management, and analytics. It acts as a central hub for the entire team to seamlessly maintain an accurate inventory count while simultaneously generating unique analytical reports.


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