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Updated: Nov 16

Keg Punk for Raspberry Pi has been deprecated in favor of Keg Punk for Windows (coming soon)

You've got Keg Punk up and running, connected to a display screen, and now you're ready to set up your Tap List! This post walks you through the options available to you on the TAP LIST tab.

The Tap List is designed to be displayed on a second screen. The idea here is there's one screen next to the taps (preferably the Taproom Station touchscreen) for bartenders to use , and a second Tap List screen to display what's on tap to your customers, friends, neighbors, and fellow beer-brewers. The Tap List automatically updates when changes are made to what's on tap.


Keg Punk Tap List

Keg Punk Tap List
Tap List screen

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SHOW - Creates the Tap List

HIDE - Closes the Tap List

FULL SCREEN - Expands the Tap List to fill whatever screen it's being displayed on.

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NAME - What's the name of your brewery, bar, or home-brewery?

LIST NAME - Select what you want to name the list (for example: "Draft List", "On Tap", or "Draft Beer Menu")

TOP TITLE - Gives you the option to display Name, List Name, or any combination.

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Adjust the font size of each section of the Tap List

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At the top of the Colors section there's an option for "Presets". These are color schemes we've put together for you. Select one to automatically set the color scheme. If you'd rather go the custom route, change background and text colors with the drop-downs.

Here's the preset "The Matrix"

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Spacing allows you to separate each beer from the others. The spacing value is measured in pixels (Horizontal for left to right spacing, and vertical for up and down).

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Set the number of columns to best fit your design and screen. If you have a horizontal Tap List screen you may want more columns than if your screen is mounted vertically. But there are no rules what works best for your set-up.

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Choose what info you want displayed on your Tap List. Maybe you're a homebrewer that has no need to display prices. Whatever the case, customize the list to fit your needs.

Note: Keg Punk does not currently have automatic text-wrapping. If your descriptions are lengthy, use the Wrap After option to wrap the description after X words.

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