Brewing Calculations Made Easy

Brewing calculations are time consuming and at times overwhelming. The Batch Sheet is here to make the math easy and keep your brew day on track.

You can purchase and download the Batch Sheet HERE for $2.99


The Batch Sheet is a product of 5 years of home-brewing trial and error. Back in the long long ago when I started brewing, I made crude spreadsheets (or just scribbled stuff in a notebook) to track what I needed to do and what the results were. It was time consuming, unreliable, and no one but myself could decipher the chaos.

Danger Shed

It wasn't until we started the Danger Shed project (and I was brewing with other people) that I realized I needed to translate my spreadsheet into something universally understandable. After a lot of work and testing, version 1 of the Batch Sheet is up and available for anyone to download.

Making it Your Own

The Batch Sheet is based on the Danger Shed equipment, techniques, and processes. You may brew very differently than we do - and that's OK. There's endless ways to brew a batch of beer, and we simply can't make a product that accommodates all of them. But the Batch Sheet can be customized to fit your style.

Changing Variables

The "Variables" sheet holds values that are necessary for behind-the-scenes calculations. These variables can be adjusted to match your equipment and preferences. For example, there is a variable for Efficiency. At Danger Shed, we consistently get an efficiency value of about 70%. But you may have different results - so simply change the variable value and the calculations will reflect that. Some variables are preferences - such as the whirlpool time (we do 10 minutes, but change it to whatever you prefer!). The "Analysis" sheet statistics are helpful for adjusting your variables.

Editing the Reference Tables

The "Reference" sheet holds several tables where information for the drop-down lists are stored. Any of these can be edited. For example, you can easily add items to the "Water/Boil Additions" table if it is not already in there. Maybe you add strawberries to the boil on a regular basis. Simply add "Strawberries" to the table and it will appear in your drop-downs.

We're Here For You

As you use the Batch Sheet and run into issues or things you'd like to see, send us a note HERE. There will be new and improved versions of this product but we can't do that without your input and ideas!

You can purchase and download the Batch Sheet HERE for $2.99


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