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Updated: Mar 19

Breweries Are Expensive

The first day I ever brewed couldn't have gone any worse...after 6 hours of brewing, I dropped the 5-gallon glass carboy full of wort, the glass cut my wife's foot, then I backed over my backpack that had my laptop in it. Needless to say, I figured future brew days could only improve from there.

Like so many, I dreamed of starting a craft brewery and living out the rest of my days in a blissful beer slinging haze. And like so many, I quickly realized how expensive it is to do that. So Instead, I put my brewing knowledge and Mathematics degree to work gathering brewing data and analyzing it. This eventually blossomed into Arithmech Analytics - my brewing software company.

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Brewing Dangerously

I know brewing and I taught myself to program. As I developed my programs, I realized I needed a real-life source of data. I wanted the raw, untampered and unbiased numbers produced throughout the brewing process.

Lucky for me, I met some badass dudes during my time in the military that shared my love of imbibe, and specifically, the making of whatever you're imbibing. So we built a shed.

What became known as Danger Shed Ales & Mead is now our backyard brewery, recipe development, and software testing ground. We brew beer, gather data, and plug it into the beta-versions of my software. Then we take the results and use them to improve things the next time around.

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Keg Punk

Keg Punk Now Available!

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What started as a side project to the main AleProof program quickly became the focus of development in late 2020. Keg Punk is an inventory program. Add kegs to your cellar, assign them to taps, and mark them as empty. The program tracks everything that goes in and out of the cellar and generates a report. Since a tool like this needs to be within arms reach of the bartenders, we designed it to run on a Raspberry Pi and 7" touchscreen. We tested this out on our 3-tap Danger Shed bar, and also on our 3-tap kegerator we keep in the shed.

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Support Your Local Brewery Software Developer

Keg Punk is being released on January 22, 2021. Want to show up all your brewer friends with some hip "craft" brewery software running on a touchscreen? You'll be the coolest homebrewer on your block, trust us.

Keg Punk Now Available!

Click Here!

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