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Brewery Puts on Family Friendly Start to Football Season

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Football is Back!

Finally - Football is back. Here in the South, we don’t know how to handle off-season. Once your team is eliminated from the playoff race (or wins the Super Bowl), a new timer starts counting down until the next kickoff nearly 7 months away. Weekends are lifeless, and game-less Monday nights bleed into not-so-thirsty-Thursday’s. But all that changed with the kickoff to the 2019 NFL Season!

Arriving at the Party

Urban South Brewery in New Orleans
Kicking off football season the right way, with beer!

Urban South didn’t disappoint with last weekends Sunday Funday kickoff party for football season. When Erin and I arrived (fashionably late) we were thrilled to see a brewery packed to the walls with hundreds of enthusiastic patrons. Long picnic tables lined the middle of the warehouse, each bustling with groups of friends young and old, families with kids, and excited pups. Everybody was engaged in a conversation, cheering at the game, or sipping a beer.

Craft beer in cans
Never Bitter IPA

The party doubled as a beer release event for the brewery’s collaboration beer with local apparel company Dirty Coast. The two businesses teamed up to brew Never Bitter IPA, a nod to last seasons notorious blunder revolving around the NFC Championship game.

Families and Pets Welcome

Brewery taproom with people
A full taproom at Urban South

I love seeing families at breweries. It’s something you rarely see at your local bar, and even if you do, it seems a little out of place, like, “why are you here?” But breweries around the country have developed a culture and community that welcomes families. As we took in the scene at Urban South, we could see young mothers and fathers happily chatting over a beer, kids taking asylum in the bounce castle set up inside the brewery, and excited pups greeting any party-goer that passed by. The brewery had a little bit of something for everyone – beer and football for the adults, bounce castles and video games for kids, water bowls for puppers, and of course food provided by pop-ups and trucks for all!

Brewing Up Community

Events like last weekend’s Sunday Funday are one of the many reasons breweries are so pivotal in building stronger communities. Breweries provide safe and welcoming venues for families, friends, and total strangers to come together and enjoy each other’s company. Erin and I love going to these kinds of events.

Woman drinking craft beer at a local brewery
Erin sipping the newly released beer at Urban South

It’s a way for us to support local our breweries and immerse ourselves into the culture and excitement of the city. But it’s not just Urban South that build this kind of community. Go to any local brewery around the country and you will get the same feeling. It’s awesome that the professional brewing industry has made it their mission to build stronger communities, and what better places to do it than their own taprooms!

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Cheers Y’all!

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