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Updated: Mar 19

My favorite things in life (besides my family and friends) are Punk Rock and beer. So when I came up with the idea for Keg Punk, I was determined to develop it with the same

"No F***s Given" attitude of punk rockers and craft brewers.

Keg Punk is a great tool for any brewer - Home or Pro.



Keg Punk comes with three themes (but we're super down for more ideas - Got a good one? Send it our way!). Check out each one below and what soundtrack was blasting while programming Keg Punk.

Skate Park

Concrete and traffic cones

Bands - Blink 182, Rise Against, Green Day


A neon lit stage, and a badass female lead vocalist shredding a guitar

Bands - The Interrupters, The Bombpops

Mosh Pit

All out anarchy! Just a blur of red and black.

Bands - Anti-Flag, Silverstein, Bad Religion

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For now, Keg Punk runs exclusively on Raspberry Pi. Nothing fancy here. Why do that when I could make apps for smartphones and tablets? My market would be much larger and the product more accessible!

It's simple - I think The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a kickass organization. They make awesome products and using a Raspberry Pi as the main platform for my software gives me lots of options for creativity and customization. Not only is this beneficial for the programming aspect, but with the hardware side of things too...for example, The Taproom Package.

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We're launching Keg Punk in January of 2021! Check out the page HERE and subscribe to our email list to get updates on release dates.

For now, pick up a Keg Punk sticker to slap up somewhere!

Keg Punk is a great tool for any brewer - Home or Pro.



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