Beer Recipe Calculator

Are you looking for a simple homebrewing beer calculator? Something to make creating recipes and brewing calculations easy so you can get to the fun part faster?

Available for immediate download for only $2.99 - Give it a shot!

We took nearly 5 years of homebrewing experience and created a beer calculator to help you easily develop recipes from start to finish. The Batch Sheet is a professional grade spreadsheet designed with the homebrewer in mind.

What It Does

  • Makes building recipes easy

  • Grain calculations

  • Hop calculations

  • Volume calculations

  • Creates a printable "Brewer's Sheet" for brew day

  • Can be customized for your set-up

  • Generates brew day statistics

How to Use It


The Batch Sheet can be purchased and downloaded from our secure website HERE.


The "References" sheet contains tables that can be customized and added to. Add team members, recipe names, and other things you commonly use on brew day. The "Variables" sheet contains values used in behind-the-scenes calculations. These values can be adjusted to your brewing set-up and preferences.

Build a Recipe

Now it's time to create your recipe. Simply fill in the yellow cells with your keyboard or select options from the built-in drop down lists. Grain weights, hop amounts, and water volumes are calculated for you.

Brew Day

On brew day, simply print out (or view on a screen) the Brewer's Sheet. This sheet is automatically filled in with critical information taken from your recipe. Record your actual values next to the target values and keep your process on track and organized.

View Results and Adjust

The Batch Sheet generates statistics about your brew day, making it easy for you to improve or maintain your process for next time. Use the stats to adjust the variables - this makes the calculations more accurate for your brewing style.

We're confident that the Batch Sheet will make brewing calculations and recipe design easier, faster, and more organized.

Available for immediate download for only $2.99 - Give it a shot!



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