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Updated: Jun 3, 2022

As you and your team add, empty, and allocate kegs, the cellar inventory counts will automatically update. However, odd things may happen that create a difference between the cellar count in Keg Punk and the actual cellar count. For example, kegs may go missing, or a bartender may forget to log an empty keg.

Audits allow someone to manually confirm that cellar inventory numbers are correct for each batch. If the auditor finds discrepancies, they can adjust the value to reflect the actual number of kegs.

go to the cellar tab

In the Cellar tab, you'll see the Audits listbox. Click the clipboard button on the top right to open a new audit.

keg inventory software

new audit

This is the audit interface. This lists your entire cellar inventory and the quantities for each batch.

keg inventory software

To run an audit, go down the list and physically count the kegs for each batch. If you find a discrepancy, use the + and - buttons to adjust the actual quantity.

Optionally, you can select a reason for the discrepancy from the drop-down list. This will help later in identifying weak points in your inventory management.

keg inventory software

When you complete your counts, select your name from the "Done By" drop-down. If your name is not in the list, you can add it on the Options tab. Check "Confirm" to enable the Save button and click save.

keg inventory software

Any changes made during the audit will be reflected in the cellar inventory after saving.

Audit log

After saving an audit, it will be saved to the log. You can see that this audit is highlighted orange to signify that changes were made.

keg inventory software

Click any saved audit to bring up the Audit Details. This shows you basic information and what changes were made, if any.

keg inventory software

Inventory Accuracy is a grade given to an individual audit. This is based on the number of changes that were made vs total number of batches.

In this example, there were 11 batches in the cellar and 2 changes were made.

Inventory Accuracy = [(11-2) / 11] x 100

Inventory Accuracy = 82%

keg inventory software

Audits with 0 changes are not highlight in the log. This makes it easy to distinguish audits with changes vs ones without.

keg inventory software

audit analysis

In the Reports tab, you'll find the Audits analysis. The top section shows a summary and calculates an overall accuracy score for all audits in the selected year.

You can toggle between Kegs, Gallons, and BBL's. Kegs shows the quantity of kegs (regardless of their volume), while Gal and BBL will show you volumes.

The bar chart shows the number of audits by month. Red indicates audits with changes and green indicates audits without changes.

The pie charts on the bottom help you to analyze WHY audits had changes. This could help you pinpoint weaknesses in your operations and help you to tighten things up.

keg inventory software

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Manage your keg inventory and taproom from one place

Keg Punk helps breweries with inventory, taproom management, and analytics. It acts as a central hub for the entire team to seamlessly maintain an accurate inventory count while simultaneously generating unique analytical reports.


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