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Allocate Kegs

For most breweries, the main way to empty a keg is through the taproom draft. This is easy to do through the Taproom screen by managing taps. Managing taps automatically adjusts your cellar inventory - but what if your brewery distributes? Or maybe you donate a few kegs to a charity event? Keg Punk allows you to allocate kegs to routes other than taproom draft. This simple process updates your cellar inventory and logs the allocated kegs to Reports.

Go to cellar tab

To allocate kegs, go to the Cellar tab. At the top of the Cellar listbox, you'll find the Allocate button greyed out.

Select batch

Select a the batch you want to allocate kegs from by clicking in the Cellar listbox. This will activate the Allocate button.

note: you cannot allocate brite tanks.


Click the Allocate button to open up the allocation interface.

Use the drop down to select how many kegs you want to allocate. Then select where you are allocating the kegs to. When everything looks good, click "Save".

The cellar inventory count will adjust and the allocated kegs will be logged to Reports.

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keg punk help

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Manage your keg inventory and taproom from one place

Keg Punk helps breweries with inventory, taproom management, and analytics. It acts as a central hub for the entire team to seamlessly maintain an accurate inventory count while simultaneously generating unique analytical reports.


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