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AleProof Preview

Updated: Jan 22, 2022


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AleProof - our first full scale software application is coming to life! With lots of time to program recently (thanks COVID-19), the Arithmech crew has been making progress in grand fashion on the development of this very cool, very unique brewing tool.

Top recap: AleProof is a program designed to assist brewers and cellarman analyze fermentation. Unlike other software packages that emphasize recipe development and brew day, AleProof focuses almost exclusively on everything that happens after the wort hits the fermenter. It was designed to be an additional tool - not a replacement - for any brewing software you may already be using.

But enough of that. Let's jump in and see what AleProof is and what it can do for you!

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brewing software home screen
"Factory Setting" Dashboard

The Dashboard is your home screen. When you open AleProof the first time, the Dashboard will look pretty empty. So first thing's first - let's build your system and assemble your team!

Build Your System

brewing software interface
Systems Menu
brewing software interface
System Builder

In AleProof, you will only build the "cold side" of your brewing set-up. To build a system, give it a name and select how many fermenters and brite tanks you have. The program is designed to work for both homebrewers and professional brewers. If you your system does not have any brite tanks, no sweat! Leave it as 0, or do what I do...use a keg as a pseudo brite tank (a brite tank is just a big fancy keg anyway).

brewing software interface
Dashboard with system loaded. All tanks are currently "Vacant"

Once that's done, save the system, and BAM! Your system is built and visible on the Dashboard. The diagram of your system is interactive with each tank being a click-able button, but we'll get into that later. Build multiple systems if you're a brewery with a pilot system and main system, for example. Next let's assemble your team!

Assemble Your Team

brewing software interface
Team Menu

The first thing is to give your brewery a name. If you're a homebrewer, don't be shy, give your home brewery a name! Your brewery name will be proudly displayed on the Dashboard.

brewing software interface
Add team members and give your brewery a name

Next, add members of your team. Regardless of if you are a one-person show, or a full scale brewery with dozens of employees, add anyone who helps with brewing, cellarman duties, or recipe design.

Create a New Beer

Now that your brewery is set up, you can create your first beer. In AleProof the term "beer" refers to the recipe, whereas a "batch" is an individual iteration of that recipe. From the Dashboard, go to Menu and select "New Beer".

brewing software interface
"New Beer" form

Give the beer a name, pick the style (BJCP guidelines) and select the author of the recipe from your team. If you're adventurous and developed a recipe that doesn't fit into the traditional style guidelines, we got you! Select "Create New Style" to set your own ranges and description. Now that you have a beer saved, you can create batches of that beer.

brewing software interface
Create your own style

Create a New Batch

From the Dashboard, go to Menu and select "New Batch". From here, you can input the most critical metrics that effect fermentation - such as mash temp, the source of your yeast, and how much yeast you pitched.

brewing software interface
"New Batch" form

AleProof comes pre-loaded with several of the most popular yeast brands and strains, but if you can't find what you're looking for, simply add them yourself and save it to the system for next time.

brewing software interface
"New Batch" form filled in

"Fill" a Tank With the New Batch

Now that you've created a new batch, it's time to "fill" one of the tanks in your system. From the Dashboard, click which tank you are using to ferment, select the batch you want to fill it with and click "Fill Tank". The system will update and show you the new status and what is in the tank.

brewing software interface
"Batch Picker" lets you easily find and select a specific batch
brewing software interface
Tanks are highlighted white and labeled with the batch when occupied

Add Some Data

Clicking a full tank now brings up the Batch Data Manager - the heart and soul of AleProof.