Add a New Batch to the Cellar

Updated: Feb 14

Go to the Cellar tab and click the + button at the top right of the cellar listbox. This brings up a window that guides you through adding a new batch.

keg punk empty cellar screen


The Dates tab is where you select the Brew Date and Input Date. If you do not know the brew date we recommend setting it to the same value as the input date. The input date is the day you put the kegs in the cooler. For a brewery this would be the day you keg. For a bar, this would be the day you get an order of kegs from the distributor.

keg punk new batch date tab


If the beer you are inputting is not already in the list, type it in and click ADD.

keg punk new batch beer tab

If the beer is in the list already, you can select it from the list to automatically recall the info from the last batch of this beer you entered.

keg punk new batch beer tab


Select the beer style from the list. If you have the Styles option to "Custom", you can enter your custom style here or select a previously saved custom style.

keg punk new batch style tab


The Tank tab lets you select the keg/tank type, quantity (or volume if you are inputting a brite tank), and ABV.

keg punk new batch tank tab


Click each serving size you want for this batch and input the price. You can leave this tab blank if you do not plan to have serving sizes and prices.

keg punk new batch price tab


Add a description or leave blank.

keg punk new batch description tab


The Color tab lets you assign a custom or SRM color to your batch. The beer color can be seen by Bartenders on the Taproom screen and by your patrons on the Taplist display if you have one set up.

keg punk new batch color tab


The Summary tab shows you everything you've entered about your new batch before you save. Click Save to add the batch to the cellar, or return to a tab to edit something.

keg punk new batch summary tab

Once you click Save, the batch will be added to your Cellar inventory!

keg punk full cellar



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