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3 Simple Taproom Improvements

Here's a few things I notice every time I walk into a taproom. These are simple improvements that could help to make your taproom a little more efficient, fun, and convenient.

have a draft list on each table

Having a printed or QR code draft list on each table allows patrons to really study the menu, rather than feeling rushed when they finally get up to the bar to order.

When you first walk into a taproom, chances are you'll walk straight up to the bar, order your first round, and go find a table. If you're an adventurous beer drinker like me, you may switch things up each time you order another round. If it's busy enough for a line to form (and you have less than perfect eyesight), you may not be able to read the draft list until you get up to the bar.

I saw this a lot as a taproom bartender. People would finally make it to the counter and feel rushed because they were not able to look at a menu before getting close. Having menus around the taproom (other than the main one behind the taps) gives people time to study, ponder, and discuss what's next.

This is mutually beneficial. Patrons don't feel rushed, and the line moves quicker because they will already have their order ready to go.

Food & Beer Pairings

I LOVE when when breweries have suggested beer and food pairings. It's fun and bold. It's like the brewers and cooks are daring me to try this specially crafted concept they've created.

The key here is to get specific. Don't just say "Our beer pairs great with pizza". What beer? What kind of pizza? Why does it pair well?

Providing patrons with a beer/food pairing shows that you've put some thought into the world outside of your beer. Get your brewers, chefs, and staff into the mix - there's no wrong answers here!

Here's an example:

This could be pairings with your in-house menu, the food truck of the day, or even suggesting pairings with nearby grub spots (if you're a BYOF kinda brewery).

Hooks everywhere

The first thing my wife does when we sit down at a bar is to reach under and check for hooks to hang her purse.

This is a SUPER simple thing you can do to make the bar a little more convenient. Hooks are useful for all kinds of things besides just purses. If it's cold or rainy people may have coats. They could have backpacks or grocery bags. You name it.

Hooks under the bar are great - but don't neglect the bathroom. Having a place to hang your purse or jacket while you're using the facilities is a far better alternative to the floor or some questionably clean surface.

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