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Manage your keg inventory and taproom from one place

Keg Punk helps breweries with inventory, taproom management, and analytics. It acts as a central hub for the entire team to seamlessly maintain an accurate keg inventory count while simultaneously generating unique analytical reports.


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Very simple to use

Designed for speed and simplicity. Brewers and bartenders can master Keg Punk in minutes.

Built for everyone

If you serve beverages out of kegs or brite tanks, Keg Punk is for you.

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home brewers

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Export Data

Easily export cellar and log data to csv files. This is great for general records or government reporting.

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Keg Inventory made easy

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Easily create batches of kegs and add them to the cellar inventory. Customize every aspect of the batch such as beer style, keg type, price, color, and more.

Keg Punk allows you to create "sub-batches" for when you use multiple types of kegs, or if you keg in stages.

Check Inventory

Run manual audits to confirm or update cellar counts. Give reasons for discrepancies, sign, and save audits to a log.

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Keg Punk is designed to work where your taps are. Set kegs as tapped or as empty to automatically adjust inventory counts. 

The main interface is a virtual representation of your taps and allows for quick interactions - a quality any busy bartender will appreciate.


Allocate kegs to outlets such as donation, distribution, and others. Inventory counts adjust accordingly.


Keg Punk can display a tap list on:

  • A connected secondary screen (2 screens needed)

  • Or overlap the main screen (only 1 screen needed)

Perfect for taprooms

No more erasing chalkboards or fumbling with phone apps. Keg Punk combines inventory, tap management, and tap list display capabilities.

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Bartender View

Guest View

Bartenders control the tap list from the main Keg Punk screen.

Insights at your fingertips

View analytical reports based on all of your data. Keg Punk generates over a dozen visuals.

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Unique information

You may be surprised by what you find from these reports. Keg Punk generates unique information you might not find elsewhere.

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Use data to make change

We've done the math, now you run with it. These reports are designed to give you the knowledge to make change (or maintain something good).

Ready to take on your keg inventory?

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Securely download Keg Punk from the Microsoft Store today!


One time payment, no subscription necessary!

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