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who's it for?

If you serve beverages out of kegs or brite tanks, Keg Punk is for you.



home brewers



Keg Punk was developed by beer nerds, punk rockers, and a guy who worked at a brewery once. We slapped together a simple piece of software that helps you keep track of your beer. 

Keg Punk is an underdog, a misfit, something covered in tattoos and angry at the world. If you are looking for fancy, you're in the wrong place. If you're looking for the dive bar of brewery software, you found it!


tap into your inventory



Homebrewer Features:

  • Easily create batches and add them to your cellar inventory.

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  • Track quantities of each batch as you add, allocate, return, or empty kegs.

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  • Ensure quality by setting standards for how long kegs can be in the cellar or on tap before being flagged.




Pro Features:

  • All Homebrewer features, plus:

  • Allocate kegs to outlets such as donation, distribution, and others.

  • View summary reports for all of your taproom, allocation, and cellar data.

  • Display a menu on the current screen, or connect a secondary monitor or TV. The menu display is customizable and automatically adjusts as you add and empty kegs.

How to use

Keg Punk was designed to work where your taps are. Here's the basics:

  1. Cellarman fills kegs and inputs them as a batch to the cellar inventory.

  2. Bartenders click tap buttons to assign kegs - inventory quantities and taplist display are automatically adjusted.

  3. As kegs are drained, bartenders mark them as "Empty".

  4. Emptied kegs are logged. This data is then used to create useful reports.


Draft List



math is cool

Keg Punk Pro creates useful reports from simple data.

  • See what's currently on tap and in the cellar

  • See how kegs move through the brewery and how long they sit at each stage

  • View volumes by year and month

  • Look back in time to find what you did and when

  • Create daily reports

Current Status Report
Keg Life Cycle Report
Volume Out Report
History Report
Daily Report

The taplist can be displayed on a connected secondary screen, or overlap the main screen.

  • The taplist display updates as you add, return, or empty kegs.

  • Customizable - adjust colors, fonts, and number of columns.

  • Show or hide what info is displayed (tank image, style, ABV, description, and pricing)

Taproom 12 Taps.png
  • Does it track individual keg volumes?

    • No. Keg Punk does not connect to any sensors.​

  • Is there a mobile app?

    • No. Keg Punk is currently only for desktop and laptop, but we are working to make it available as a Windows tablet app available through the Microsoft Store.​ Keg Punk does not run on mobile phones.

  • What platforms does it run on?

    • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11​.

    • 64-bit operating system.

  • Can I link multiple Keg Punk stations together?​​

    • No.​ But we're working on this one too.

  • How many taps can I have?

    • You can have up to 30 taps.​

  • What types of kegs can I input?​​

    • 5 gal (corny)

    • Sixtel

    • Quarter-barrel

    • Half-barrel

    • Brite tank​ (any size)

  • Do I need a keyboard and mouse to use Keg Punk?

    • If you are using a touchscreen monitor, then you do not need a keyboard or mouse. Keg Punk gives you the option to switch between "Keyboard" and "Touch" for input. If the input option is set to "Keyboard", you can use a keyboard and mouse. If the input option is set to "Touch", an on-screen keyboard allows for typing by touch.​

  • Is Keg Punk subscription based?

    • No. Keg Punk is purchased with a one-time payment. ​

  • What serving sizes can I have?

    • 4 oz. / 5 oz. / 8 oz. / 10 oz. / 12 oz. / 16 oz. / 20 oz.​

    • Pitcher

    • Crowler

    • Growler

  • What beer styles are available when I'm inputting a new batch?

    • BJCP

    • Basic (Less specific list of styles. example - "Amber Ale", "Stout", "IPA",...)

    • Custom. Allows you to input anything you want as a a style.

  • What info can I display on the tap list screen?

    • Brewery name, and the name of the list (example - "On Tap", "Draft List", "Draft Beer", …)

    • Beer name

    • Keg image with or without beer color

    • Style

    • ABV

    • Serving size/price

    • Description

  • How many tap lists can I display at once?

    • One. You can only display the tap list on your primary screen, or a secondary screen if you have one connected.