Coming January 22nd!

What is keg punk?

Keg Punk is a ridiculously simple inventory program that helps beer slingers like yourself keep track of what’s on tap, what’s in the cellar, and what you’ve gone through. Use it at your bar, brewery, or the home-brew setup in your grandmothers’ garage. We won’t judge.

Powered by raspberry pi

Keg Punk runs on Raspberry Pi - a small, powerful computer ideal for harsh environments (like a garage, bar, or brewery). Choose the version that suites  your set-up!



Already have a Raspberry Pi and know your way around? This package is a digital download that you install.



SD Card

Already have a Raspberry Pi and want the install done for you? Just pop this SD card into your Pi and you're all set!




This Raspberry Pi powered touchscreen station runs Keg Punk where you need it. Mount it by the taps, behind the bar, or on your kegerator.


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